Dr. Yanfen Li is an Assistant Teaching Professor at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Her Ph.D research was focused on the utilization of biomaterials to understand and influence cellular function and epigenetics. Her current research is in engineering education with a focus on curriculum development and formation of engineering identity in undergraduate students.  She a passionate teacher and researcher who aims to increase the representation of women and minorities in STEM and  inspire students of all ages to solve grand challenges.

Recent News

Yanfen’s is listed in the U of I list of Teachers Ranked as Excellent for her summer 2017 class ENG 198: Research.

Yanfen’s is listed in the U of I list of Teachers Ranked as Excellent with an outstanding ranking for the third semester in a row for TA-ing BIOE 202: Cell and Tissue Engineering Lab in Spring 2017.

Yanfen’s paper “Matrix mechanics influence fibroblast-myofibroblast transition by directing the localization of histone deacetylase 4” has been accepted by Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering.

Yanfen receives the Bioengineering Division Best Poster Award at the ASEE 2017 Annual Conference!

Yanfen passed her Preliminary Exam today!

GradBMES and Department of Bioengineering hosts the first annual Bioengineering Graduate Student Symposium! The all day symposium featured 14 oral presentations and 15 posters.

At the symposium, Yanfen presented her talk on the “Role of HDAC4 in Mechanosensing in Fibroblasts“.

Yanfen receives the Bioengineering Graduate Student Leadership AwardYanfen received the Department of Bioengineering Student Leadership Award at the Bioengineering Graduate Student Symposium. She received this award for founding GradBMES which aids the department in providing professional development and social events to its students.

As co-coordinator of Illinois Female Engineers in Academia Training (iFEAT) program, Yanfen and other iFEAT coordinators was honored at the Volunteer Service Recognition Ceremony hosted by the University of Illinois Office of Volunteer Programs as a finalist for the Volunteer Service Recognition Award.

Yanfen receives the Graduate Student Leadership AwardYanfen received special distinction for the Graduate Student Leadership Award hosted by the Graduate College at the University of Illinois. She received this award for co-founding iFEAT which aims to increase the representation of women in engineering faculty positions.